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alignment positioning. this is a resume fulcrum. there is no denying the fact that now the applicant types. but a lot of people's localization is accurate, lack of yourself and your expected position true knowledge. light has the feeling is not enough. what can do nothing but not outstanding. ability, expect to confuse sth with sth else, can cause the extremely difficult for screening.

early preparation. generally speaking, four grade last semester time is abundant, he shall make full use of, ready for your resume as soon as possible. and, from eleven, february onwards, the school has recruitment activities. early preparation also then means more opportunities.

concise and comprehensive. 80% - 90% of unit of choose and employ persons like stress efficiency, so there is no need to will resume into thick a book. pan yangtze river not to say that good things come in small packages. clear substance can, such as elementary school where did need not explained. the content of the need to write roughly: name, age, gender, education experience, working experience, won the certificate, simple introduce myself and want to the position you are applying for. as far as possible will length control in a page inside. according to some unit of choose and employ persons said they never watch need to turn the page resume.

highlight the key. work experience is an important part of your resume is particularly. the best has been to big company practice, of course, this kind of opportunity general want oneself to seek, to find the individual also is a kind of ability to reflect. at the same time, various certificate in the job, there is also a certain component. through these experiences or certificate to reflect their studies in addition to other than ability.

write less empty words. "i how personality, good at how,..." too subjective, this is just a preliminary view for further discussion of you, others will not think so. like so, in your resume or write less for good. a result, many companies will not be too concerned about, secondly, can save valuable space resources, for some real examples. for our own strength, and want to use can be convincing facts to illustrate, show and not tell. for example, won any awards, published any papers. specific numbers and example than abstract adjectives more convincing.

attention to detail. resume format, the header part, paper and font, although these belong to minor details, but also deserves attention. handling well, sometimes can also cause the effect that expect is less than.

e-mail to send your resume. now the network fast development of business. use e-mail to send resume also can yet be regarded as a kind of simple and quick way. learn to make full use of e-mail theme, avoid by all means is only written "apply for" two words, the monotony of apply for theme will make the interviewer bored. in addition, email to write his real name, don't give a e-mail address is over with. it will appear is not sincere. also had better to leave your phone. because the phone is always better than mail come more rapidly and directly.


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