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  1. Your resume is about your skills, not about you. Of course, the resumeis about why you’re great for the role. But be careful that the resume is about what skills you bring to the table, and not what you want to get out of the role.


  2. Less is more. In order to crafta marketableresume, be ruthlessin editingyour resume. Don’t use blocks of text; use bulletpoints. Don’t make someone do a lot of reading, because they won’t. Anything that doesn’t sell you as an awesomecandidate should be cut.


  3. Learn new skills.If you’re currently unemployed, take the time to learn a new skill that’s related to your career and document it on your resume. If there’s a certificateyou’ve been meaning to get, take the course and earn the certification. It will make you that much more competitive.


  4. Tap into your network. Now is the time to draw on your formal and informal network —Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Remember, a marketable resume is good only when you have a market for it.