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  1.Spelling mistakes:If a recruiterspots typoson your rsum, she will assume that you don't pay attention to detail and you can possibly be careless, which isn't a very attractive trait for a job candidate. Keep reviewing your rsum for errors and ask at least three people to review it and give you feedback.


  2. The wrong file name: Your recruiter will pay attention to this simple detail so include your name when you're naming the file. This helps hiring managers better sort through the mountain of résumés.


  3.Tacky email: Make sure you're using an email address that's professional. If you don't have one that's appropriate, create one. Also if you're still at your current job, don't list your work email.


  4.Résumé gaps: Gaps in employment are obviously noticeable, but don't fret too much about it because it's almost the norm in this economy. List what you've been doing on your time off if the activities are relevant to the position.


  5.Irrelevant information: Having unnecessary information that's not related to the job is a waste of time for your hiring manager. Don't overshare— pick the right succinct sentences to showcase the skills that will be valuable in the position.


  6.Job hopping: Going through too many jobs in a short period can be a red flag for an employer. If you're going to include the short-term positions, be very clear about the big contributions you have made toward the company, so the recruiter will see that you have added value to all your previous jobs even if they were of varying lengths.