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  (1')Personal information :

  English Name :  Steven         Chinese Name : Long zhi Duan

  Birthdate : 4-Dec-1970                 Sex : male

  Birthplace: Jiu Jiang , Jiang Xi     Education status : 4 years university degree

  Language :  English ,Mandarin ,Cantonese

  Speciality: Applied Electronic Technology

  Contact tel :    ,   

  ('2) Education Background :

  1985,9------1988,7 Dou Chang No. 1 High School , Jiang Xi province .

  1988,9------1992,7 Nan Chang Institute Of Aeronautical Technology, major in Electronic Engineering department,specialize in Applied Electronic Technology ,4 years college education , obtained the bachelor .

  ('3)Working Experience :

  2019,10----Present    Guangzhou Shenglong Electronic Technology Co,ltd, the position is technical director,the company main product is car electronic type and consumption electronic type,all products is export.My job is to handle the operation management and technology direct.includes the R&D ,engineering and market development department.In the company,lead to analyzed the product cost and market development,bring to company good profit.and also obtained the award of Guangzhou city technology innovated project.

  2000,4----2019,10 Goodway Electronic Technology Limited ,a member of HK Hutchison Harbourring Group .worked as project senior manager, the ODM/OEM is the company main operation mode.,develop and  design the Hi -tech digital camera ,PMP,MP3/MP4 product.My responsibility is to handle whole the dept technology guidance ,new project development,supervise and manage all R&D matter.monitor the new project development schedule, organize the design team to do the case study and technology discussion ,follow the new product production trial run, and technology communication and negotiation with customer  .

  t , new project schdeule follow , product cost estimate and cost down,set up the  system of R&D dept .

  1993,12-----1997,10 Shen Zhen , Sha Jin ,Wong's Group Co,ltd. Worked as the R&D supervisor .the company produced the OEM/ODM product ,such as TOSHIBA Car Phone  ,SHARP working takkie , and NEC docking station etc.Responsible for the new product put in , technology  communication and negotiation with customer, new project development schdule supervise, and improve the performance of product , engineering technical document preparation , lead and gather all engineers to attend the new project development actively.

  1992,8-----1993,11   Jiu Jiang Branch of Jiang Xi Wireless Fctory ,responsible for the RF product development and design .


  ('4)Experience and Abilities :

  1..15 years product design experience,12 years foreign company R&D dept management experience .

  2..Well up in analog and digital circuit technology , very rich practical experience on the RF and digital product.

  3..Well up in PC operating ,PADS2000 , POWER PCB and AUTOCAD software application .

  4..Very good quality concept , cost concept and quality control ability .

  5..Many years management experience and good supervision ability .

  6..ISO9000 training and popularizing experience , well up in whole the ISO9001system operation..

  7..Many years experiences in different position ,from engineer -->senior engineer --> supervisor-->manager ,well up in  the job requirement and technology need in different work position ,  

  8..Good english knowledge and language expression ability .