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i: what kind of person do you think you are?

a: well, i am always energetic and enthusiastic. that's my strongest personality.

i: what are your strengths and weaknesses?

a: em, as i have said, it's diligent and industrious. on the other hand, sometimes it'stoo hard-working and i put myself under too much pressure to make things perfect.

i: what qualities would you expect of persons working as a team?

a: to work in a team, in my opinion, two characteristics are necessary for a person. that is, the person must be cooperative and aggressive.

i: how do you spend your leisure time?

a: i like playing games and having sports. they are my favourite hobbies.

i: so,what kind of sport do you like most?

a: oh, it's hard to narrow it down to just one. i mean, i like all kinds of sports, basketball,swimming, bike riding and so on. maybe it is just the reason why i am so energetic and vigorous.

i: 你觉得你自己的个性如何?

a: 嗯,我觉得自己精力很充沛,做事很有热情。这是我最大的特点了。

i: 那你认为自己的最大优点和缺点是什么呢?

a: 正如我刚才说过的,我工作特别勤奋认真。但是,有时为了尽可能把事情办得完美些,我又会让自己背上太多的压力,工作太辛苦。

i: 你认为作为团队中的一员,一个人需要具备什么样的品质?

a: 依我之见,作为团队中的一员,合作精神和进取精神两者皆不可少。

i: 你业余时间都做些什么?

a: 我爱玩游戏和体育运动,这是我最大的爱好。

i: 那么你最喜欢什么体育运动?

a: 哦,那可实在太多了,我喜欢各类体育运动,打篮球、 游泳、骑车之类的。也许这是我精力如此充沛的原因吧。