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  The film "X-Men" adapted from the comic name comic, is produced by the Fox film company "X-Men" series of film first, directed by Brian Singh, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McLaren and other co-starring, the film in July 14, 20xx in the United States released.

  The film tells a group of people with a specific function, in order to protect the friendly relationship between mankind and special people, and strive to fight evil forces. In order to protect themselves and humans, X-Men only one way, fighting in the end.


  Laser eye (X-policeman captain, can be shot from the eyes of the deadly laser light), Qin Ge Lei (there are ECG induction, separated from the body, and the ability to move instantly), storm female (X-policeman vice captain, with control Climate ability) is the core of the X-Men.

  The X-Men team came to a dangerous character - Wolverine (with superior ability to reply, two wrist with super alloy gold jaws) is a grumpy, almost uncontrolled variants, so that the X-Men Internal crisis. X-Men let it train recruits, and want to absorb it to join their ranks. But no one knows its origin, and soon found that most of its thinking by outsiders manipulation. Worse still, another mutant creature "million magnetic king" appeared, it can control the magnetic force and the Earth's gravity. It has been a monster as a monster on display, suffered humiliation. It hates human beings, that mutant creatures are better than humans and should dominate humans. It and "Jinjiang wolf" hand in hand to achieve this goal and unscrupulous.

  And swear to defend the human X-Men, will find that they are trying to defend the human, the human also have a great fear for them, the relationship between the two sides gradually tight. Coupled with the X-Men have to face Jinjiang wolf burst of temper, and million magnetic king everywhere to kill, X-Men into a dilemma in a heavy crisis.


  North American evaluation

  Brian Singh's film is full of flowing beauty and poetic imagination. ("New Yorker")

  For the "X-Men" hardcore fans, the film "X-Men" is full of funny and cunning reference, there is an unknown excitement. ("Newsweek")

  The film seems cleverly smooth, the plot is also very nervous, is a science fiction film for the superior. ("Seattle Post")

  Although the "X-Men" did not "hacker empire" as the way to take away the breathing line, but the film is a successful work with considerable vitality and tension. ("Los Angeles Times")

  Exciting things are mainly watching movies, the Statue of Liberty is the plot of the whole film to the climax of the set method. ("Chicago Reader")

  The film is the most pleasant summer fantasy, full of fashion and elegance, exciting and crazy, and brazen imagination. ("Miami Herald") [8]

  China Evaluation

  The plot is not fun

  The narrative of the film has a calm introverted and calm, the whole story is faithful to the original and not in the dull, the plot is exciting and exciting, with humorous, sophisticated design lines interspersed among the dramatic and humorous sense of the proportion of configuration Just right, some flashback part also with the appropriate sensational, not too much interference with the attention of the audience splicing, scene and atmosphere of the scheduling and control have shown the director's self-confidence. (Time review)

  Bid farewell to American heroism

  And other heroes comic characters is different, "X-Men" bid farewell to the typical American heroism, fully explained the unity is the power of the truth. Every variant of people are not perfect, although all with great skills but have their own weaknesses, only the team is the hero of the winning magic weapon. The film is the X-Men series of film for the mountains, in the critics received praise at the same time, its global box office revenue of 300 million US dollars figures also fully proved that the film successfully for the sequel to the shooting and heroic film type of return A solid foundation.