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  Dear leadership:

  I am Jiang Xi-hai, graduating from Hubei Macheng No.2 Middle School in 2000. Thanks to my highest marks among the students majoring in liberal arts in this middle school, I was entitled to be a college student in the College of Law, Zhongnan University. During the study period at this university, I have worked very hard and thus succeeded in ****** good performance. My dissertation for bachelor degree has been ranked as A level. In my spare time, I have spent most of my time participating in a variety of social activities. In virtue of my sociability, I was qualified as one responsible for legal assistance at Hunan Legal Assistance Center in December, 2019. One of my tasks then was to call upon all the students in the College of Law to go on legal consultation and legal assistance in Urban Areas of Changsha City at weekends.

  Towards the end of June, 2019, I was employed at Nanping Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd, a large enterprise, located in Fujian Province. I worked at Contract Supervising and Auditing Office. My major tasks are the following: 1) to draft, make a critical examination and appraisal of and sign a contract; 2) to invite tenders, evaluate public bidding and go on business negotiations; 3) to deal with legal events with non-lawsuit and make all kinds of legal writings; 4) to assist lawyers in his judicial proceedings; 5) to draw up various kinds of regulatory *****s; 6) to spend most of my spare time in going on legal consultation. What’s more, I have passed the judicature examination in 2019 and granted the certificate (Lawyer’s Qualification Certificate) by Judicial Department, in February, 2019.

  I have an agile mind and am good at thinking independently. I am also competent with writing. In my university life and after-university life, I have published about 200 articles with my penname Yi Zijian on the following magazines and networks such as E-Commerce Legal Consultation, Chinese Consumers, Sohu, Sina, Legal Idea Networks, etc. Many articles have been reprinted in more than 50 magazines and networks.

  In the meantime, I am straight-minded and industrious. Thanks to my optimism, confidence and open-mindedness, I have good ability to communicate with others and adjust myself to different environments. With a large scope of knowledge and strong ability to accept new knowledge and things, I have trained myself to be much abler to teach myself. With the exception of my familiarity with theoretical and practical knowledge about laws, I have mastered other kinds of scientific information such as human cultures, history, economics and administration.

  I am looking forward to sharing the special cultural concept and atmosphere in your company. I am eager to be a member of your company and devote myself to the tasks in your company. I believe I can be competent at my task assigned to me in your company just owing to my legal knowledge and working experience. Now I am trying to grasp such a good chance! I do wish you all could offer me such a golden opportunity.

  with many thsnks