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  Dear Sir or Madam:

  As a chemistry professor with the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, I have the honor to recommend Mr. X Yiangping to study chemistry at your university.

  A postgraduate educational institution, the CAS Graduate School is the school where all postgraduates from all research institutes within the CAS system must undergo basic course studies for the first year. It was in this capacity that Mr. X came to the school and became my student. In my contact with him for one year or more, I was deeply impressed by Mr. X's performance. During the one-year period, I taught him three basic professional courses, namely, Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Chemical Calculation, and Experiment in HPLC. The first two courses were very difficult theoretical courses for many students but Mr. X showed very solid theoretical basis in both of them. This, plus his strong thirst for knowledge and hardworking spirit, left a very deep impression on me. Finally he got more than 90 marks for both. But examinations were not his ultimate goal. It was strong desire for knowledge that motivated his hard study. When the study of the subjects was over, Mr. X would fetch me on vacations to discuss about Quantum Chemistry. During the discussions I got to further know his unique and deep understanding on many pioneering issues in the field. Meanwhile I got to know his desire for chemical research as his future career. It was really very pleasing for me that such an excellent student like him made such a professional choice.

  Mr. X has not only achieved prominent results in theoretical studies, but has made extraordinary performance in experiment lessons. For example the Experiment in HPLC lesson I taught was one of the important experiment lessons consuming many class hours. It called for the operation of many instruments, such as HPLC, IR and UV. In this lesson Mr. X was displayed conscientiousness and carefulness He was good at making observations and finding problems from phenomena. Such a thinking quality made his experiment reports wonderful or even of certain scientific value.

  Although I have had contacts with Mr. X for only one year, I feel that Mr. X is a student of great potentiality academically. Learning that he is planning to further his studies in the United States today, I am very pleased to recommend him to your university and sincerely hope that you will accept his application.

  Yours Sincerely


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